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Redemptorists Associates

The purpose of the Associates is to create a space where people from all walks of life, both lay people and Redemptorists, gather together, to learn more about the Redemptorist story, to reflect on faith and life issues and to pray, in a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. Associates meetings are usually held on a monthly/bi-monthly basis, with the theme/topic for each meeting planned in advance and meetings are open to everyone. All are welcome. There is no formal application process to join the Redemptorist Associates and there is no expectation that once people get involved, that they must attend all our meetings.

In Scala the Associates meet to pray and reflect on the scriptures, to celebrate Eucharist and to help with some events in the life here in Scala.  Their involvement with Meitheall Commissioning and Graduation  ceremonies have become a part of the service element of the Associates.


New members are always welcome to join with the associates. Meeting dates and times  and other important informationw will be posted here 

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